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It is normal to lose some shock oil over time, and you may want to change the vicosity of the oil, to help tune the suspension to the type of surface you will be racing on. Take your time and read trough your email once before you send it to us. What are Shocks? When it comes to setting up an RC car, the shocks have an enormous effect on the handling and control. Shock Springs: The purpose of the Springs is to keep the car level during acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. But we do help and teach you how to do things properly so you do not break anything in the future, just email us and we will help you out. Smaller holes (or fewer holes) allow Oil though slower, resulting in sluggish Shock action. Exceptions to this are pre-orders and possible, but unlikely, errors in stock numbers. If you feel that your product is defective please send us a email and we will let you know what to do next. Most items do not have a warranty as they will break in normal usage.

Heavier Oil is better for smooth tracks, but decreases responsiveness. Stand the shocks more up straight when the track is smother and in high traction conditions. In Touring cars, the spring travel is significantly shorter so there’s also less travel space for damping compared to, for example, off-road cars. The assumption is made that if pistons are changed, the viscosity of the oil is also adapted, to give the same static feel. This slow speed resistance effect comes from the oil friction resistance of the surface area around the holes. check out the. Shock Oil Weight Guide for Various Conditions, Rally VXL, Ford Fiesta & Ford Mustang 302, If this is your first visit, be sure to The other car settings are used to keep the tire contact surface as flat to the surface as possible during the suspension travel.

We work in the EET time zone which is +2h from GMT.

Shock pistons greatly affect the compression and rebound shock stroke. Entry level vehicles also have adjustable features, but typically have plastic bodies.

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Front: 400–600cstDepending on the bumps and jumps at the track, thinner oils can be used in the front if better grip is desired.

This app tells what shock oil to use for onroad cars and why: https://fingertainment.itch.io/rcpress-rc-car-shock-oil-guide-onroad, InfoAPPs on RC Cars – Suspension System related, RC Car Shock Oil Guide – Onroad (sponsored by 3Racing), RC Car Tires & Wheels (sponsored by 3Racing), Find the minimum cutoff voltage of a RC lipo pack, Find the proper storage voltage of a Lipo pack, Find the fully charged voltage of a RC lipo pack, Find the proper cell count for your RC Plane, Find out how many Amps your RC car lipo pack can push, Find out how much battery power you need given a particular prop size, Replacing Broken Wheel Hubs (sponsored by 3Racing), Replacing Spur Gear (sponsored by 3Racing), Pinion, Spur Gear and Gear Ratio for RC Cars, Configuring Brushless ESC throttle range (featuring YR brushless ESC), Installing Brushless ESC (featuring Team Powers ESC and others), Find the proper wire size for your RC model, Find the brushless equivalents based on motor turns, Lookup the RC model AM radio frequencies US & UK.

• DHL Express and UPS Express are our fastest delivery options. Tuning with the Shocks In this section we will cover the Shocks and all it’s parts: Shafts, Bodies, Pistons, Oils, and Springs. This might sound easy but after spending a lot of time, you will discover that there is no perfect setup. Remember everything is a compromise with a car suspension and tune the car to what will give you the biggest advantage on the most parts of the RC track.

Same as a stock unit, but Gold Nitrade coated to produce better Shock action. The rougher or bumpier, the larger (or more) holes in the Piston. Rear: 350–500cstThe same rules apply here – soft damping improves grip but the risk involved is that the rear might start to bounce and the car might dive when landing. With heavier cars there’s a greater risk of diving at bumps and when landing after jumps.

• Both Options are also Door To Door Services. The rear damping will be softer by default (smaller cst value). We also accept returns after 14 days upto 50days, but we refund them with a giftcard to our shop so you can replace them with any products we sell. Careful assembly of the shocks and identical results are much more important in a Touring car (very sensitive to adjustments) compared to off-road cars. , and is a standard way to rate shock oil.

In this article is assumed that cars tend to have same default adjustments when taken out of the box.

(Same low-speed damping) Smaller Holes: Smaller holes mean more 'pack'.

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