rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur

Great write up, I came here to find out if it was possible to finish the challenge before you have access to Blackwater, and I’m happy to learn it is possible! Horseman Challenge #9 as Arthur Morgan (recorded BEFORE Patch 1.06) Horseman Challenge #10: Break every wild horse breed. These were supposed to be challenges I could do together with my boah, I don’t want be riding around with any floozy I find wandering a field. The game's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience. IVE SPENT OVER 20 HOURS TRYING TO COMPLETE THIS GOD DAMN CHALLENGE!!! Keep watch for any oncoming trains. But i wanted to throw it out there, because it IS possible to use the bridge, and it cuts a lot of time off, and if your still wanted dead or alive there, you can get to blackwater before bounty hunters spawn. Give your horse a meal, stimulant, and take something to fortify your health/health core just before you cross into the hostile area of West Elizabeth. Like with Challenge #6 you'll have a couple rivers too cross, but from Van Horn Trading Post, it's not a problem. Though if you're trying to get it done, and have it out of the way (unlike the little idiots that cross the trail as you're riding through), then try riding along the Dakota River. I guess this means that the only challenge that can't be completed by Arthur is Herbalist 9... @Paddywoo98 Agreed, but it seems the most essential part that no one talks about is the stirrups, which grant massive permanent buffs to your horse. Took me like 5 tries. And no I didn't run into Colonel Sanders (literally) while taking this screenshot. Cut through the forest without running into any trees and ignore the skinner group who spawns here. All of whom are more of a self-defense situation anyway, but alligators just kind of mind their own damn business if you give them wide birth. Archived. Towards the straight away near Black water, i pounded miracle tonics as I was getting shot. Im not sure about the rain failing the challenge. So you folks may wanna try skirting around the outside. This thread is archived. Starting from Van Horn, go for the railroad tracks. Agreed to all above, but a free Arabian can get broken up in Ambarino by Lake Isabella. Does rain count as water? Sharpshooter Challenges. This thread is archived. These Challenges will help you grow your Bond level, if you haven’t already, but mainly they’re here to test your riding medal. Nobody really ever means to run over a little squirrel or bird, but it does happen while you're galloping hard across the frontier. This has already been done a long time ago. Three wooden fences and the Challenge is complete! I think stimulants are ok though. Towards the left most part connecting Strawberry and Tall Trees is a narrow bridge. This is an … Everyone has their preference for dispatching enemies, but whatever yours is, make sure you kill seven of them with it while you're riding. Chances are you've been to Saint Denis by now, but if you haven't yet, take a train there to get it visible on your map. Cross the bridge, pass the station and hitch a left. Reality - you can test it yourself without doing the whole run by trying the final bit (Owanjila bridge to Blackwater). Use the south road through to the train line which intersects between west Elizabeth and the heartlands. Selling pelts is a good way to make some money early in the game. This also happens with the Tiger Stripe Bay Mustang/Legendary Pronghorn spawn around Rio Del Lobo Rock. @Petkoholic Well, I'm uncultured. When You Can Do It: At The Beginning of Chapter 2, best if you bought a Varmint Rifle at the Gun Shop in Valentine first. As you can see in the description, just placing a waypoint on Saint Denis won't count since you have to cross a couple rivers to get there, but not many like that Joe Cocker song. It's bullshit. Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for … In this video I used a fully bonded Black Arabian (which is the best horse the player can legitimately achieve before the Epilogue) with the Hooded Stirrup, which not only adds a +2 bonus to both speed and acceleration, but also decreases its stamina drain rate by 50%. Horseman 9 as Arthur Morgan? Lasso a passerby around here and drag them through the flat lands around the Little Creek River (like seriously that's the name what the hell?) You don't need to ride directly into the middle of Blackwater for the challenge to complete, it should pop on the outskirts.

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