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This was on the front of the unit for the Fulla 2, but has replaced the Fixed DAC output sadly. Power-wise they both offer a sufficient amount of power for their price point. It's an audio first approach which is not only refreshing but my personally preferred take on this type of “Gaming” Product. 3.5mm Microphone jack - This is on the left of the unit right next to the Volume Knob (which controls the mic output level). But even with none of these features included, both of these products are very good. I don't love the red and black color scheme on the Hel. I prefer the dark monochrome look of the Fulla although the bright silver knob seems out of place. If you are using sync all cores, RAM xmp profile, or any sort of auto overclock settings in bios, this board will over volt the vccio and PCH voltages. They both offer large decently smooth volume knobs on top.

If it had an optical input I would have bought one immediately.

I use USB for my pc and optical for my PS4 and I can seamlessly switch between them via the switch. A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. The Hel on the other hand offers 4x the power (maybe that statistic is why they lowered the power on the Fulla 2 haha). level 2. I'll check my settings after I run some benchmarks. This is also the place to ask for help regarding issues you may be having with your headset. . Yes, Hel. Very weird as not 2 years ago same system, the modi 3 had no issues and now it does. But I will note that while I understand it, at least with a ¼” jack you don't have to deal with such a large adapter. The Fulla 3 offers “Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 250mW RMS” which will handle most easier to drive headphones. I am in no way being paid to say anything and they have not asked me to say anything positive or negative about these products. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. even with losing the virtual 7.1 I have no regrets. Overall this will help you power harder to drive headphones. I have a i7-6700k. The Fulla 3 sounds like the Fulla 2. What it really needs is a full RGB lighting array with pulse patterns. 7 comments. It really is too bad about chat mix and monitoring not being there but after getting my gsx 1000 I found that I didn't value these as much as I thought I would.

anything its superior in one very fundamental way to USB-C. A solid chunk of USB C-Cables are not designed to spec.

Otherwise it’s no different than any other DAC/amp. I at first did not like this as it falls into the trap that many brands fall into, of making their gaming products red because red means “GAMER”. Both sound very clear and transparent.

I`m using now Audiotrak Prodigy Cube - silver one :P I can consider other options.

Sadly I don't have any measurement gear and I haven't seen any third-party measurements of them yet but I'd assume they measure similar to the Fulla 2. But what I do want to say is that both of these have fantastic ADCs. Hands down the best sounding “Gaming” DAC/AMPs on the market. Maybe these could be added to a V2 model. I personally understand the change from the ¼ inch jack on the Fulla 2 to the 3.5mm on the Fulla 3. The Hel has 4 nice rubber feet but the Fulla 3 only has 3 so at the back where there is only 1 foot and it does wobble a bit, although not much in everyday use. I’ve never used Schiit products so don’t know personally but Ive never heard of this problem. 3.5mm Analog Output - This is for if you want to use your Fulla 3 as an amplifier for an analog source, like a mobile phone or a DAP. Sundara / DT 770 Pro / Airpods Pro / Dayton puck shakers. Burson Play etc got away without being 1337 colored, though! Sound-wise I would say it does slightly lean more towards the old Magni 3 rather than the 2 new Magni’s. All of these were very subtle. They both have dual micro USB ports on the back for USB power and USB power/data. At this price point targeting it at gamers, it makes sense. Hi, i'm hoping someone can help out a noob here. You should look into the Fiio K5 Pro. It is a tad warm. But I'm very impressed overall. This wasn't an issue for me in the past or on any other PC or device that I tested them on. For the Fulla 3 please include a 4th foot. Except maybe a bit warmer. For comparison, the ever-popular E10k and K3 from Fiio which are similarly priced DAC/Amps but lack the adc, offer “Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 200mW RMS”. Static at the beginning though means no matter the unit’s cost, the problems seems to lie with (as you’ve surmised) the mobo itself and how it handles voltage regulation output to internal soundcard. I don't hear any roll-off or resolution loss at its price. Overall the G6 is what I recommend for PS4. I know it's a MLG 1337 GaMiNg product, but is there a law that gaming devices have to look garish? The inline filter on the mic input makes the users voice a couple of octaves lower to sound more bad ass. share. There's also a huge lack of video reviews on … The Fulla 3 and Hel are Schiit Audio's first foray into the gaming market. Realistically this should power anything someone who would be buying this product could throw at it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Amp:A90, DAC: PecanPi, Audial | HD650Mod, AD2000, SINE w/MSR7pad, DT1770 Pro / SMSL M6 / iBasso IT01 / Fiio X5 / Fiio E12 MB, HD800 + Schiit Bifrost/Valhalla 2 + AT2005USB, Ember 2 | Sanskrit 6th | Fidelio X1 | T50RP BMF, E10K|Creative G5|The Element|HD600-X2-598SE-AT MSR7-Sony MDR1. There is a bump in the sub bass for more more realistic explosions. I wish they would just include 4 or even offer extra feet. are there any spec reviews from yet an would this out pace the jds atom as am looking from somthing better then the atom with a little more kick i especially like the 16ohm opition im just wondering if it would have a louder output then the atom , like would it be louder then the atom at 12:00 on the dail? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But at the same time, I got a tiny bit of roll-off on each end (but that may have been for a different reason). While I prefer fewer adapters these don't really cause any issues. You can also discuss headset features and upcoming headsets.

I had both and ended up sticking with the Hel, as the fulla 3 didn't seem to drive my hardest to drive headphone, the HD 6xx, quite as well. I'd like to see a switch to swap between speakers and headphones without having to unplug your headphones. This is my preferred style of “gaming soundcard” as it means that you don't have to worry about drivers getting out of date. You the consumer shouldn't worry about this. On products that will be plugged in and sit on a desk never really moving, Micro B is fine, but on a product like this that I expect to get some travel, USB C could have been so much better. Because this is where I really see these types of devices being often used. Micro USB Data Input - Use this to connect it to your USB source. While I understand the Fulla 3 with its price and size not having a SPDIF In, but the Hel really should, even if it raised the price to $199 ($10 raise). A cheap one just to handle these voltage irregularities. The Hel offers “Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 1000mW RMS'' which is very solid. Optical in, for me this is the one thing that I'm very confused about why it wasn't included. I personally use an SMSL DAC and Drop’s AAA THX 789 amp.

Maybe I have my voltages set to high. Plus if the cheap SYBA sonic DAC/AMP can have that many front ports I'm sure Schiit can too.

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