schooling fish for angelfish tank

A good option for novice fishkeepers, this peaceful fish can hold its own against aggressive tank mates because it has a high activity level. Here are some of the best schooling fish for your freshwater aquarium. Clown loaches are quite sensitive to poor water quality, so if you keep one of these fish it is important that you make a special effort to keep your tank extremely clean. The Harlequin Rasboras are a popular schooling freshwater fish due to their peaceful temperament and ease of care. He sent the first samples of Guppy to a British Museum “Natural History Museum – London.”. I personally have 2 plecos with my 1 Angelfish with no problem. Another tetra you should consider is the bloodfin tetra. While most schooling fish are peaceful, some can become territorial and overly aggressive if there are too many fish – or the wrong types of fish. If the knife fish is to small the angels will kill it. Think carefully about which tank mates you are keeping with your schooling fish. There are many different types of loaches in the world, but the clown loach is one of the most popular. African Dwarf frogs are great tank mates for Angelfish because they do not look like a fish or any type of threat. My cardinal tetra are larger than their glowlight tank mates, and are slightly larger than the neon tetra that they used to share a tank with. They do require some swimming space, so it is recommended that you keep them in larger tanks – ideally ones that are longer than they are tall. The schooling fish would look nice too but I'm throwing around ideas since I have another two- four weeks for cycling probably. This Fish has a unique body shape. I bought a pleco about 2 years ago… I say almost an inch in size and recently he was around 8 inches… the whole reason I purchased a 55 gallon… overtime I added a beta, rainbow shark and 6 angelfish.. went good for about a year and than fish started dyeing… Checking water levels and everything I couldn’t figure out why until I saw the shark chasing fish… my pleco ended up dying from this and had to be BURIED outside… so plecos are something to stay away from unless you hope to go big on your tank in the future…. Owen, With more eyes on the lookout for food, a school can find what it needs more quickly. There are times that I think he is dead, but a small tap on the glass and he moves about. Join hundreds of pet lovers like yourself and receive all updates in your inbox, for free! Everybody loves the colorful harlequin rasbora, and truly – the more the merrier with this colorful fish! The Cardinal Tetras are the ideal tropical Fish in a tank. The reason schooling fish look so good in aquariums is because they help bring distinction, activity, and color to the aquarium. Like 2 angels and 6 cories? Aquaphobia. Be careful when choosing a loach though, as some can reach the length of 16 inches. Care Level: Easy Ideal tank size: 20 gallons or larger Temperature range: around 74-84 degrees Fahrenheit pH Range: 6-7.5. So far no problems. Has to coexist with angels, gouramis, and julI cories, tank is around 80°. The Zebra Danio is another excellent species for a community tank of schooling fish. Most platies are found with color combinations of orange, red, silver, and black. You have to make sure that you get tetras that are not small enough to fit in a full grown Angelfish’s mouth. That’s how my tank is working, thankfully. Congo tetras are known for their sparkling orange and silver scales, which can include hints of flickering green or blue. You will primarily find them in the Araguaia River basin located in South America. Starting a community is the best way for you to get nearer to nature. As they grow they are getting lazy to clean the glass and prefer the slime coating of other fish. It’s almost unheard of that they’d be aggressive. How well they get along with each other? I live in central Texas and over 3 hours from any major city. Cichlids are one of the very popular types of aquarium fish.

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