sekiro bosses order

Reward: Memory: Isshin Ashina (Attack Upgrade), One Mind Skill (Combat Art), Shura Ending. Eternal watcher of the Fountainhead Palace. The other enemies won’t be alerted if you did a clean grappling sequence without falling down. Location: Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Castle Gate Fortress After his first health bar is gone, he runs off to the side to call another ape to his aid. Just cut it to pieces with standard sword strikes, not much of a boss fight this one. Boss Move #4 – Fireballs (1st phase): In the 1st phase it will use fireballs after sprint attacks / whenever you’re far away. Kill them, then walljump up to their left. You say we should have atleast 9 gourd seeds by the time we face the monk but the last one according to your guide is accuired after killing him. If you hug the wall there, the wall will spin & open up to where the Demon Bell is. Here she will respawn. When the bull starts running again, focus first and foremost on dodging. Strategy: First, kill all of the smaller enemies in the area. Then you’ll run into this boss automatically on the way to the Gun Fort idol. One of a pair of elite snipers stationed in the Gun Fort; Shirahagi belongs to the Snake Eyes: an elite group of women stationed able to pierce distant targets with their mighty flint cannons and phenomenal vision. Should I kill as many bosses as I can right now and kill the remaining ones before killing the ape and monk again in NG+ or I’m screwed and should start all over again ? It was a torture but now I have done every *big* boss accept for Isshin Asshina. It will swing its fire melee attack around but if you are really close to it and just run to the right it will always miss you. He hurls some attacks at you from far away but they can easily be dodge and killing just the main headless (the non-purple one) will also make the clone go away. It would help to determine if you should target preferentially their HP or their posture. After having chosen to stay loyal to Kuro in the end and having defeated Great Shinobi Owl, you must talk to Kuro in his room a bunch of times. If you stay close to it, you will deal it a lot more damage quickly and don’t need to worry about its ranged attacks. Location: Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo Once broken, he can be executed in 1 hit. He’s also guarded by a poison-blade ninja now. Reward: Lapis Lazuli (highest grade upgrade material). The fire owl is easily dodged by jumping up in the air when it comes flying towards you. Location: Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall Stairway Don’t even press directional buttons. Just run sideways to get past its attacks and jump when you see the red attack warning sign. This then puts on behind him ready for an unblocked hit. Then backtrack until the boss has lost sight of you. To reach the Feeding Grounds, we’ll start at the Palace Grounds idol. Then let it jump away, RUN TOWARDS ITS RIGHT SIDE. It’s a lot easier to get to the side / behind the enemy when you don’t lock on and increases the odds that it will miss you with its attacks. It gives a way to crit her. Captain with Riflemobs. I think there’s also a boss after General Tenzen Yamauchi. There is another boss identical to boss 11 in the Hirata estate. Reward: Memory: Great Shinobi (Attack Upgrade), Aromatic Branch. He only spawns after you killed Corrupted Monk in Ashina Depths + Guardian Ape in Sunken Valley. On the left side you can grapple up a tree and there you find Tokujiro and some small monkeys guarding him. After you get to the temple via the cliffside you can attack the boss from behind. Dive down and just hit it with your sword. This leads downstairs to a big gate. Reward: Gachiin’s Spiritfall (an infinite consumable to suppress sound from walking and be harder to detect. Strategy: Stealth kill the torch enemy nearest the bridge, then run forward and take out the archer and the other two melee enemies. Always forward dodge when he attacks. Do this each time he launches an attack, repeat until he’s defeated. After he finishes an attack chain you attack him again. Location: Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Only spawns after you defeated the Divine Dragon in Fountainhead Palace. On PS4 you can create a backup at this point PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management so you can copy back the save and try out different endings! Guess I need to go in a ng+, Where's Emma for shura (You have Shura Isshin). Then you attack again and repeat this cycle until he uses a slow and heavy attack. You have to beat them again in a third playthrough. There’s a chance that another miniboss is hiding somewhere, I’ll be able to 100% confirm this after I get the trophy in New Game+ (approximately in 2 days). Location: Ashina Depths – Poison Pool You must reach the tower roofs, on your way there you encounter Lone Shadow Vilehand in the room where previously the Ashina Elite Jinsuke Saze miniboss fight took place. The Purification ending gets you the true Owl fight and the Shura ending gets you the Emma and Isshin fights. Simply throw a bunch of firecrackers at the 2nd ape to break its posture quickly and go for an instant execution. A general of the Ashina army; Yamauchi is a nodachi-wielding samurai located in the courtyard found slightly past the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Sculptor's Idol. One of the Seven Ashina Spears: a group of samurai who were personally awarded their weapons for the integral role they played in the Coup planned by Isshin Ashina. Other than that just walk around the enemy while hitting it, block, repeat, use pacifying agent (and refresh Divine Confetti when it runs out). Do the same for all other thunder attacks, just dodge those. How do I fight Sword Saint in the Purification ending?

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