sepulcher sentinel speed tune

229 and Krisk should act twice on the same turn, 229, 227 (Siphi), 197 (Ma'Shalled), 196, 191, 229 and 196 should act twice on the same turn, One involving Lyssandra, possibly as lead, Bushi and Tower - Thank you Skratch AK47 - Bushi speeds unstable, still being worked on, 251 (Tower), 181(dps),177(dps),176(dps), and bushi/torturehelm at 193, Lastly, if you're struggling with understanding speed and the calculator, watch this. I have no way to Block the Buffs of all these champions. Edit: I haven't used the team on NM since. More posts from the RaidShadowLegends community. Normally, dealing with both these debuffs requires two champions, but you can do it with just a fast Sepulcher. I will be able to put a Frost Set on my Skull Lord! My team initially was coming unstuck because while my skullcrusher stats said he had 171 speed, it was actually like 170.62 and that actually ruined the sync on UNM completely, so I gave him +1 speed and it worked. All of our data is just based on the pure total Speeds of the Champions. For Skull Lord to be a useful Crowd Control hero, He needs to Control all the rival heroes. MAD PROPS TO NAPOLEON CAMEMBERT FOR DISCOVERING THIS. This thread doesn't have time for such nonsense. My setup is: Sepulcher Sentinel - 238 speed. 2nd way = Have Sepulcher A2 gain an extra Cool Down Line. If is something that you consistently notice happening at the same point in every run, then you might need to go back to one of the calculators that shows the actual numbers for each hero regarding when they take their turn. The three examples above involve only one fast toon, but the possibilities don’t stop there. My CB simulation model has been refined based on lots of observations, but it still might have flaws. Also how does having skullcrusher at 192 work on NM? I'll check that. Experiment and see! The 4:3 champ is a great spot for a sepulcher sentinel. I had to put her at 251 for that to work. The result is that the only time anybody is killable is during the first AOE. 191 (Krisk), 137-166,137-166,137-166,137-166. to be made to run this with slower speeds. Hi is using his A2. Also with lower speed requirement you may be able to not use speed boots giving your champions higher damage. Have a look at the following in the simulator. If the CB targets somebody else, they might end up dying on the first AOE before the boss starts ignoring unkillable. I would not pickup Rapid Response as it will unsync her from Clan Boss Team that requires speed tuning with Counter Attack champion unless she is mainly used in a Speed … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So on and so forth. Even the 4:3 champ speed has plenty of room for maneuvering.Krisk is a very difficult champion to tune around because of his unique kit - it's highly recommended to test any build in the calculator first! Sepulcher- 245 Rhazin - 179 Sandlash - 177 Frozen Banshee - 176 Skullcrusher - 172. I wrote an entire thread about this hero. You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 7 so you must be able to sustain the first 6 rounds. There is plenty of leeway when it comes to speed. Secondly, watch to see what Occult Brawler does. Here is a Screenshot of Skull Lord Var-Galls A2 move. Registered: 09/07/2019. Skull Lord needs the Provoke to attack all enemies. Out of all of the champions I made request for, They only have 2 on there Rebalance list. Tried sepulcher at 235 and that didnt work with my setup either. Then Sepulcher puts up her Block debuffs before the 2nd aoe and Sandlashed extends buffs before the stun. I checked again and his speed is exactly 171. We are only using a Select amount in Clan Boss. Single Maneater - thank you ColdBrew Gaming! The goal is to place Sentinel's Block Debuffs before every stun. I created this thread so the game can Buff Champions which I believe need some help. My gut feeling is that might be the case because SS looks a little low speed-wise compared to my team below, which is really close to yours. And the hero who is suppose to deal with them is RIGHT THERE! Press J to jump to the feed. It is SS that goes out of sync. Harvest Jack A2 could help me a lot in Undead Faction Wars if it would only do what it is suppose to do. Skullcrusher - 171 speed. Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Sepulcher. I posted 6 different Pictures of the Champion's. I believe the game should do a Balanced Buff. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I want the Rival heroes to be lured into attacking Skull Lord. Sepulcher Sentinel speed tune. It also is viable on all affinities. For NM: You want to start with Rosh’s A3, and similarly at the end of Round 2 you want to use Skullcrusher’s A2.

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