space haven skills

Mining III on at least 2 characters will speed up the game considerably The mining skill seems to make mining faster. You can never have enough guns and they'll always have mundane work to do. My ship is a mess and few of the things I learned from past playthroughs is relevant now :(I dig the new starmap. I'm pretty sure lower skill increase the chances of fire/accidents but that basically amounts to a slight slow down if you've build your ship well. in Space Haven. As far as the rest, all we have is just pure speculation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Space Haven Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Build Mode. 3. As humanity abandons its burning homeworld, you and your crew are among the privileged few with access to a temporary haven and a chance at survival. Gunner is for ship combat. It really sucks watching 3 or 4 of your guys just standing around chatting while you're waiting on things to build. If you want to contribute join our Discord and shoot us a message.. For what's available now, see the articles below: Did I miss something for these skills? This is just the beginning of the wiki, there's much more to come. First observation...if you've been playing Space Haven, you might as well relearn everything. Weapons skills does seem to increase the rate of fire of the weapons they use. I wasnt sure if the devs posted something that I just didnt find or what. The conditions surrounding each character will affect their feelings and, ultimately, their efficiency on the spaceship. Build Mode All of your building options are in the yellow box in the bottom right of the screen. So I cant see how they could possibly earn their way to into improving or gaining new skills. Currently the game is like 80% hauling and 20% labor, and that's with an efficient layout. The main ship is flown based on navigation skill, but that just seems to speed up how fast you can jump. 1. Not sure if the gunner skill has any use atm. Bonus points if the skilled labor has navigation and shielding, since the main goal is to keep them permanently on the ship, and both jobs are very time sensitive. Space Haven is a spaceship colony simulator, inspired by such games as Rimworld, Oxygen Not Included, Spacebase DF-9, and Dwarf Fortress. One person with Botany III, any more is irrelevant/wasteful. My first few games all had issues that seems to come from the skills of my starting crew. Build your ship and gather your crew to carry you between the stars. Guide to Basics Basics Here are some basics that might help you. Go into the game, and manually save our game (either to an existing save (New Haven-1 etc.) Not sure if it affects fire rate. Press J to jump to the feed.

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