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Have you ever made out or gotten oral from a girl with a tongue piercing? Is lingerie worth wearing for the short amount of time it’s on? What would be your ultimate song to have sex every time to? 38. These aren’t your typical run-of-the mill questions – in fact, they’re designed to dig deeper and get to the heart of who a person really is. 17. 51. 43. What would be the ideal food to bring into the bedroom? 7. 14. 77. What was he/she like? Imagine the thrill of finding out he thinks about you quite often! 46. I have a list of 100 flirty and cute (and some freaky) questions to ask your boyfriend to spice things up in the bedroom. If we could play a strip version of any game, what would you choose? What time of day do you find yourself craving me? You’ll hope he answers “both” for a lot of them! 96. Who and why couldn’t you have them? Are things getting dull and boring in your relationship? 57. In your opinion, what was the weirdest reason someone has ever broken up with you? What would your loved ones say is your biggest flaw? If we were to do it in public, where would you want to do it? How would you describe your current job title? 26. 62. As you can see, it is never too late to rekindle the fire in a relationship. If the answer is “yes,” then get over to one! The End of Slavery and Sugar-Free Donuts: One Didn’t End Racism and the Other Didn’t End Type I Diabetes, How To Practice Long-Term Thinking When You Can Barely See Past Tomorrow, You’re Racist and You’re Not a Horrible Person, How To Get Rid of Toxic Masculinity in the Workplace, Relationships Aren't Easy, But They're Worth It, The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men's Lives is a Killer, Real Change: The Meditation Social Justice Connection, See How These People First Met in ‘Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story’, The Most Blatantly Obvious Examples of Systematic Racism in America. Conversation starters for love and dating SPICE LEVEL: Mild 31. Would you describe yourself as more of a loner or a social butterfly? 104. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done that you’d prefer never to do again? 91. 70. If you had to change one thing you did in a past relationship, what would you change? If you had to name my twins, what would you name them? Do you think the job you have right now is the one you want long-term? 9. This question answers the everlasting “when does he think of me?” and “does he think of me as often as I think of him?” questions that are going through our minds. 55. . Is there a faith or spiritual belief system you identify with most? If we met at a bar and you didn’t know me, what would your opening pick up line be? But some guys don’t even care what the girl is wearing, especially when it is only on for a short amount of time before you get freaky and the clothes come off. Would heels in bed turn you on or scare you? Describe your sex performance using a Marvel character. When you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for more than a year, things that were once hot and freaky may have started dwindling down. What would be your ultimate song to have sex every time to? What is the kinkiest and the freakiest thing you've ever done? 72. If you had to name your member, what would you name it? Daisy.Phil on July 27, 2020: nelson 1818 street. Is lingerie worth wearing for the short amount of time it’s on? It’s like I was reading my own biography.” — Drew Rod. 60. After all, he is honest with you, which is a sign of true love. 17. This may get a little messy, regarding feelings. Do you like getting things done right away or checking off a to-do list gradually? 85. Do you know your Myers-Briggs type? By the next time you see him, he’ll be wasting no time to act out his answers. 4. With today's American presidential election, which road is the country going to go down? What quality makes you most excited when you first meet someone? What is one thing I do that drives you crazy (in the good way!)? But don’t count these questions out! 45. 55. How many long-term relationships have you ever had? Pablo Escovar on July 24, 2020: i asked my girl these questions and now shes in nevada spending money at the casino and now shes asking me for more money, what do i do? To keep things alive, intimate, and wild between you and your boyfriend, ask him flirtatious questions. Alongside these questions, ... Go ahead and make your date a whole lotta fun with these spicy conversation starters and let me know in the comments … 53. What do you think of me when we spend a night apart? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever manifested in your life? The answer will most likely be “no,” but you’d be surprised! The great things about these questions are that they do no merit an easy “yes” or “no” response. Let’s start with some killer conversation openers. What is one thing you like about yourself? Or do you think it’s just a matter of circumstance when people meet? 16. Conversation Starters for Any Situation . The timeless flirty question games always include “This or That” or “Would You Rather” questions. Has anyone ever described you as emotionally unavailable? Buy things for each other and things you both can use and try together. In the last 6 months, have these bumps reappeared 3 or more times? 47. 12. 94. What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you? What was the most important life lesson a past relationship taught you? SPICE LEVEL: Mild Which situations do you find yourself becoming more introverted in? Out of all of your family members, who do you wish you were more like, and in what way? In This Presidential Election, Who Wins The Empathy Vote? 95. So if you didn’t meet your boyfriend in some romantic way, like shopping for produce in the local supermarket, don’t worry. 35. 51. 39. Again, these cannot be answered in just a “yes” or “no” manner. “Have You Ever” questions get the ball rolling. Add flirtatious tones to these question roots and your boyfriend will have nothing on his mind besides you and him and the bed (or wherever his dirty mind will place you two). 36. How can I be more like her and meet all your fantasies? 109. Buy things for each other and things you both can use and try together. 42. These questions will stimulate the idea of you and your man alone and ready for things to heat up. 3. 11. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Are you close with them? How would you describe your ideal date? What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you? Do you prefer it with lights on or off? What are the best things about the job you have now? The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood. What is one role play fantasy? Have you ever stayed in a relationship just because of how good the sex was? . He keeps things interesting already as it is. What would you want a sexy or dirty picture to be of? If we met at a bar and you didn’t know me, what would your opening pick up line be? 80. Who do you think treated you better, your mom or your dad? Where have most of your dates taken place – outdoors or indoors? 41. Which hobby do people say you’re obsessed with? How so and how did it feel afterwards? Talk dirty during sex or keep it quiet? 105. What’s the most unpopular opinion or belief you have? 59. Or are people capable of change? What is the hottest tattoo you’ve ever seen? If you had all the money in the world to do what you really wanted, how would you spend your time? If I could sleep with anyone else, who do you think I would pick? Would you ever use edible underwear? If the answer is “yes,” ask follow up questions. What was the most important life lesson a past relationship taught you? Things are not as spiced up and intimate as they used to be. Is there anything you always do to ‘prep’ or boost your confidence for a first date? 63. What strip games have you played in the past? What’s your least favorite quality about yourself? Hopefully, you both have this celebrity crush in common. 100 Flirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Spice Things Up, This is normal, as it happens to most couples. What’s your most favorite quality about yourself? Whew, some of those look really painful, especially when they wipe tears away, and it gets in their eyes. What is your favorite outfit of mine? Where do you want to be a year from now? Which kink of yours do you find most partners do not share? 34. 89. Who is most similar to you in your family? 18. This one is fun and flirty! What is the worst date you’ve ever been on? However, if you choose to ask this, consider the possibility he tells you the truth and tells you he has thought of someone else. 26. Different from the “Have You Ever” questions, “Would You Ever” questions do not dwell on the past but the future of you and your boyfriend. It took every detail from my past struggles and validated and helped make sense of everything. 93. When pimple-like bumps or boils start showing up in areas where skin rubs together, you may question what’s going on with your body. What one quality automatically boosts a dating partner’s attractiveness in your eyes? What do I taste like? Click here. 8. What was the most annoying thing an ex of yours did? They are just as flirtatious as the previous ones. 27. Does it seem accurate? 50. Is there something on your bucket list you’d never want your friends, family or any future children to know about? Another way to get things hot again is asking flirtatious, deep intimate questions--questions that you probably have never asked your loved one. This may hurt, but you can keep an open mind about it. What is one goal you feel like you’re sabotaging yourself in? 108. But it's always important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. 67. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. 60. That means there’s more time for cute storytelling and getting to know each other on an intimate level you probably have never dreamt of knowing each other. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like to be teased? 97. What’s your biggest turn-off in a relationship partner? Talk about a flirty question! 106. Have you experienced tender, swollen bumps, either on or under your skin, that may produce foul-smelling liquid and scarring? 1. 19. Describe our sex life using a movie title. Learn how these two people met and see the moment that changed both their lives forever. How often do you get back together with your exes? . 33. 53. 56. 98. 25. What is one thing I do that drives you crazy (in the good way!)? 32. What was the lie? Sure, these don’t fit into the other categories. 26. Would it turn you on to watch me touch myself? Or for some added fun try to answer these types of questions with “it depends,” that answer still merits a longer explanation. 64. How long was your longest relationship? 34. What would be one dare you’d have me do in a game of truth or dare? Have you ever had a date that turned into a hook-up? 64. What was the scariest thing that happened to you as a child? Who and why would it have been a bad idea? Have you ever regretted not hooking up with someone you just met? This question also poses a thought in your man’s mind of you wearing either a sexy piece of lingerie or nothing at all. Naturally, he gave me the following (he's lucky he's cute! With the dawn of modern technology, it is common for people to meet through a dating app. What is your greatest accomplishment in the bedroom? 20. A good conversation starter topic can make a normal conversation great. Have you ever cheated on a partner – and do you regret it? Would you rather be with someone much older or much younger than you?

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