stellaris districts disappearing

I thought problem in in one of two files. Each point of Happiness above 50 adds +1% governing ethics attraction to free pops and +2% Authoritarian ethics attraction to slaves. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? According to Narvindar, Universal Resource is compitable, just need Universal Resource loaded after this mod. At start of month two, all districts dissapear except for city - even with this mod at very last in load order. The total number of districts that can be built on a planet is equal to the planet size. Their increased support have enabled them to gain more power in the region and vote for their own causes with limited success. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. city districts not good or am I missing something? It is only visible to you. The number of armies that can be engaged in combat on either side is five plus one-fifth of the size of the planet. They provide massive amounts of housing for specialist buildings, and clerk jobs are really good once you have the correct upgrades in place, since they cost nothing, and provide amenities and trade value, meaning it's possible for clerks to make enough commercial goods to pay for themselves with plenty to spare. Buildings that get up to 10 jobs are, comercial, tier 1 is 5 tier 2 is 10, alloy tier 1=2 2=5 3=10, consumer goods 1=2 2=5 3=10, research 1=2 2=5 3=10, entertainers and culture workers 1=2 2=4 3=7 4=10, I'm sure there are a few more that get up to 10 but those are what I can remember. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Its recommended that you use the DO2 beta branch, as this version is no longer receiving updates. Same issue as zac115. ok so two follow up questions what buildings are really job heavy ? The people live in rather bleak conditions and will not tolerate it for long. or is it above? Basically, keep it LAST and you shouldn't have a problem. Happiness []. If you use the 2.5 paradox vanilla launcher then Do has to be below any mod that changes districts (including AI mods). They're for housing, so you can use the city-dwellers to staff your buildings. they seem to give you more housing then one really needs and dont provide jobs as good as the other 3 also they dont give you more buildings ? already show it show be on the top. Each pop in an empire has a base happiness rating. 9. @无可奉告 Yes, this works perfectly in 2.5 Stellaris. Sorry late reply Nevysin, was my bad I had !! Your other districts won't be able to provide the manpower. City Districts are a source of housing. So if I switch mods, I am assuming Ill need to start over? Pre-sapients coexistence events. Lake Dry 1. I have like 10 planets that can’t build anything but city districts even after I Terri formed them into continental planets. so having city districts lets me get the bigger buildings in a way ? So, because most of my planets have shelters and no city districts, I can't get any bonuses from the tradition that increases clerks from city district. My idealized vision of a 4X game is one of empire growth and expansion that feeds into a titillating geopolitical strategic experience. I like the extra districts, but sometimes I'd like to just run the normal ones while still having the compatibility this adds between mods.

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