strelitzia root system

Kind regards, How far apart should I plant them and how far from the wall? Struik Publishers. Blooming Strelitzia feels good in a deep pot When peduncles appear, they do not . After a few queries about how to move or remove a Strelitzia, I decided that it was high time to remove a small specimen so I could study the root structure. In fact most of the root system is vertical into the ground and centered around the plant itself. The Natal wild banana grows mostly in coastal dune vegetation and in evergreen forests near the coast. The flowers provides nectar that attracts sunbirds, especially Olive Sunbirdsand Grey Sunbirds. With luck you will be able to keep your tree. That is horrendous. Remove all the soil as you go to expose the entire mass and remove it. My first question is whether the pulp (presumably from the chain saw sawing through the trunk), the flowers, or any other part of these trees are toxic to dogs? As you will want to preserve as much root matter as possible, dig well below the base of the plant (about 75 - 100 cm from ground level) before you begin to chip in underneath. From this I have learnt that it is imperative to remove as much material as possible. Use the same method but take more care. Plants will seldom bloom for the entire season as given in the list, but should flower during a period within these parameters. My sources suggest a distance of anything from 1.2 m to 1.8 m apart. A plant with specific adaptations enabling it to grow in a saline environment. I'll keep looking and let you know if I come up with anything. Hi These roots are fragile and break off with very little resistance. UCT Publishers. A plant useful for planting around the edges of the property to form a green or colourful backdrop, an impenetrable hedge, to hide walls or create privacy. I doubt that the re-growth is from pieces of root as I have dug up root sections and found them to be rotting. These plants will need some extra watering compared to water-wise plants. Is there any way I can chop off new clumps if it gets too big and retain the plant? Plants that will survive the hostile environment of harsh salty winds, dry sandy soil, irregular rainfall and heat found in seaside gardens. Cape Town. Will it really ruin it? Jackson, W.P. Are there any toxins that may be emitted with the introduction of heat? It may prove impossible to remove the whole plant in one piece as we did here. :-) Just seems like a waste of good combustible material. I have little knowledge of which poisons to use as I have not used them for some years now and any knowledge I have is completely out of date. Suggestion 3: The safest method to remove part of the plant without endangering the entire plant would be to dig out and remove the roots of the unwanted clumps. She was from the house of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Strelitzias do not send out thick long roots. Copyright © 2009 - 2017 |, Previous: Cycads: Beware this pretty moth, Next: Having fun with Mesembryanthemum fruit capsules, removing and poisoning part of Strelitzia nicolai, Cut the foliage and stems off and chip away at the top of the mass, make a few hollows and fill them with tree poison and paint the entire mass with the mixture, following the manufacturer's directions. For your purposes I wouldn't bother to dig a trench all the way round something this big. Grant, R and Thomas, V. 1998. 1990. After a few queries about how to move or remove a Strelitzia, I decided that it was high time to remove a small specimen so I could study the root structure.A S. nicolai plant had seeded itself a few years ago next to an unsightly telephone pole on my lawn. The flour is mixed with water, patted into a cookie or fritter and the oily seed arils are embedded on both sides. So, a 1.5-meter plant should be planted in a pot with a diameter of more than 25 cm. A database of Indigenous South African Flora. I have a giant sterilization and last night after heavy winds and rain, one tall stem snapped and crushed my neighbors fence, Two more tall stems are leaning very precariously now. I am now considering poisoning these shoots as the owner does not want them re-establishing. Have a look here: Send your query to the chemical companies who produce the poisons. Due to the collapse of our borehole, we have permanently closed the nursery. Great in a pot but not in the ground, in a small space, by … Vincent kept digging vertically until he had passed the depth of the main mass of the root ball - about half a meter. First my sincere apologies for not having replied to your post. Dig down below the base of the plant and hack out around the edges as you go. The problem that arises is that as the plant ages, it bulks outwards, forming a very large and very strong clump.

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