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Basis weight of paper in grams per square meter (gsm).

Click the link below and get directions to your closest | phone}}{{ | phone}}. (1) Thickness of paper or other substrate expressed in thousandths of an inch (mils or points), pages per inch (ppi), thousandths of a millimeter (microns) or pages per centimeter (ppc). O    Repaint the substrate with SuperPaint or Duration. Chemical ghosting refers to the transfer of the faint image from the front of one sheet to the back of another sheet. Sherwin-Williams Duration® Exterior Latex Coatings are the best topcoat choices for new fiber-cement siding. There are many types of metal to choose from. (Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.) Loxon can be brushed, rolled or sprayed – spraying is most common in new construction. MGX is North America’s first and only HP-authorized treatment facility for HP Indigo.

Substrate Definition. Thoroughly cleaning the surface assures proper bonding of the paint and helps you get the most from your topcoat. Come have fun with us!

The Substrate. Login to post a comment. Surface energy ranges from high to low.

Both have absorbent surfaces that make washes and over-watered acrylic techniques possible. are smooth, clear, inexpensive choices that will work well. Cookie Statement Terms & Conditions. This section will help you to determine when a designer or builder has used a concrete product and help you to understand why they made that choice. “Substrate.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? T    Paper with a coating of clay and other substances that improves reflectivity and ink holdout. Abbreviations for digital printing optimized coating one side and two sides. Also called duplex press and perfector. The term is also used for ‘filler’ products,applied to brick, ceramics, concrete, plaster, and so on. You can also purchase ready-made objects in lawn and garden shops or hobby and craft stores. Priming is not generally necessary if you use Duration or Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Latex. (2) Phenomenon of printed image appearing too light because of ink starvation. Caulk at the butt joints and apply the finish coat. H    Editor’s Note: This painting advice comes to you from Nancy Reyner’s book Acrylic Revolution. Flooding with ink is also called painting the sheet.

Mills produce coated paper in the four major categories cast, gloss, dull and matte.

Stay up to date with the latest content, educational resources, promotions and special news from our partners. Allow the surface to dry for 48 hours before painting.
Coating in a water base and applied like ink by a printing press to protect and enhance the printing underneath. ), Technique Tuesdays: Working with Vintage Materials, 2 Ways to Thin Acrylic Paint | Painting with Acrylics for Beginners, Dark to Light: Creating Structure in Pastel, Your Guide to Selling Artwork During the Holidays, 3 Artists Share How They Stay Afloat During the Holidays. Net zero goals incorporated into plans for a new European Bauhaus. Since pH levels can be a concern with new stucco, make sure the primer can be applied to surfaces with a high pH level. See more. Mildew: If there is the appearance of dirt even after washing, chances are there is mildew on the surface. (1) Surface characteristics of paper. The unit of measurement for paper weight (grams per square meter). What made you want to look up substrate?

Did You Know? Do you have any tips? A primer is essential – it will serve as a barrier coat to help prevent tannin bleed, a brownish or tan discoloration that can appear on a painted wooden surface.

Get a jump-start by beginning your painting with colors and patterns already there! Also, if the siding manufacturer recommends against painting, there must be a good reason. You may want to call a carpenter. adhesion The degree of attachment between the film of a coating material and the substrate with which it is in contact. Get the Firefox add-on to access 20,000 definitions direct from any website, Share your construction industry knowledge, How the substrate affects external timber doors, If the original paint is intact, cedar siding can be repainted with one coat of Duration. Mechanical ghosting refers to the faint image appearing as a repeat of an image on the same side of the sheet. Any surface or material on which printing is done. FLASH/TIME: The time needed to allow solvents to evaporate from a freshly painted surface before applying another coat or heat. generated on: Tue Nov 03 13:09:59 CST 2020. This technique demonstrates how to use acrylic on silk for durable, lightfast, washable color while maintaining the softness of the fabric. Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer as the job parameters dictate. Whether you're coating a new substrate or repainting an existing one, it pays to use the correct products and procedures. If the ready-made object is already painted, lightly sand it, prime with acrylic gesso and repaint. Conservation advice available to local authorities has fallen by 48.7%. Another bit of advice: An acrylic solid color stain will offer best results for heavily knotted wood, as semi-transparent stains will not hide the knots completely. Substrate - Underlying material to which a finish is applied or by which it is supported. Heat build-up can create heat distortion and cause the siding to buckle or warp.

Aluminum siding should be power washed with the correct detergent to rid the surface of chalk, oil and other foreign materials prior to painting. A    Concrete materials can be used just about anywhere; from parking area pavers to roofing tiles. Just call 636-349-6401 or email us. If the ready-made object is already painted, lightly sand it, prime with acrylic gesso and repaint. aeration The presence of air in a liquid paint. To compress paper along a straight line so it folds more easily and accurately. Old paint: Make sure glossy surfaces of old paint films are clean and dull before repainting. Carton of paper from which some of the sheets have been sold. the surface and degrade the bond over time, so a plasticizer-resistant adhesive or tape is essential. The uncoated substrate should be flat to avoid issues such as coating bead disturbances, curl and tension control problems. Also called floor sheet. This waterborne product is easier to apply than alkyd or conventional latex stains – with no drips or runs.

X    K    Flooding with ink is also called painting the sheet. Definition - What does Substrate mean? A substrate, in the context of corrosion, is the parent or base material to which a coating is applied or the material upon which a process is conducted. I    How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know what languages these words come from? Old paint: Make sure glossy surfaces of old paint films are clean and dull before repainting. How to use substrate in a sentence. Top the siding with one coat of Duration. Wood rot: Fix the water or moisture problem before painting. Press capable of printing both sides of the paper during a single pass.

Terms of Use - Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.

FLATTING AGENT: Material used in paint to dull or eliminate gloss. If you continue to use this website without disabling cookies, we will assume you are happy to receive them. Allow to stand on the surface for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. #    Some of our favorite head-scratchers include kiss cut, grammage, and hickey.

Biology A surface on which an organism grows or is attached. Also called cut marks and tic marks.

Northern Ireland infrastructure advisory board. As a general rule, humidity should be no more than 85 percent. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Printing substrate also known by abbreviation PVC. Learn a new word every day. If you are sandblasting, use glass that is at least 1⁄4-inch (6mm) thick. Here you’ll discover more information about printable substrates, functional coatings, and converting than you probably ever wanted to know. Really stressed out!!! You'll get maximum performance from Sherwin-Williams Loxon Masonry Primer. Sometimes I buy small pieces of fabric just to hang around my studio for inspiration.

The condition of the substrate is critical when repainting. Select acid-free papers or cardboard, which are more archival and will not have impurities that might stain through into your painting. To die cut the top layer, but not the backing layer, of self-adhesive paper.

If your glass piece will be freestanding, cover the sharp glass edges with framing. W   

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