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Farsight Enclaves Patrol Detachment 0 CP (T’au Empire) [21 PL, 12CP, 409pts], HQ: Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [9 PL, 159pts]: Advanced targeting system, 3x Airbursting fragmentation projector, Supernova launcher (replaces 1 airbursting fragmentation projector), 2x MV1 Gun Drone: 4x Pulse carbine HQ: Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [9 PL, 180pts]: 2. Although Tau I think will find it used against them more often than used by them. 2x Tetra Scout Speeder: 2x High intensity markerlight, 4x Pulse rifle. The change to the Fly keyword is a much bigger change to the game by a large margin. This Farsight Enclaves list runs four Commanders with two Crisis Suit teams – one minimum-sized, plus a larger unit of Veterans – plus a bunch of MSU Breacher Teams and a fleet of Piranhas and Tetras. In this loadout, the Ghostkeel will threaten some light to medium infantry, but will struggle to do much work against most other targets. 2x MV4 Shield Drone: 2x Shield generator HQ: Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [9 PL, 190pts]: Advanced targeting system, 3x Missile pod . Brian: The T’au Empire will benefit from a huge number of improvements in the new edition, representing significant changes to how the army plays. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Richard: The Riptide build relied on 40-50 drones and after the new points update now you have 20-30. But that means you aren’t on the objectives with 1,000 points of your list, and that’s not something you can afford to do in 9th edition. These are a bit steep, but neither increase is enough to deter the clear benefits of each in 9th edition. This has languished for a while thanks to its cost being very high relative to the Riptide, and while that’s true the gap has narrowed, as it stayed the same price. Just play a few games before passing judgement. But, I’m running out of breath! What is even the point of DE in 9th edition? Finally, a slightly surprising entry – Longstrike gets a fair bit better in 9th. by Reecius Crisis Shas’ui: 3x Burst cannon . It’s such a fantastic sculpt, and it would be great to see more variety on the tabletop. Expect to see plenty of Farsight patrols out and about so that people can bring the commanders they want. Have any questions or feedback? For reasons that are a bit of a mystery, the Stormsurge was utterly spiked into the dumpster in the points hike, going up by nearly 100 points after you factor in the discount on its guns. Each has a smaller unit of drones to go with them, enough to shepherd them through most of a first turn onslaught till the shields come up. Crisis Shas’ui: 3x Burst cannon . . A lot of the common complaints and issues people have with Tau at the end of 8th, I called at the very beginning when that edition dropped (e.g. © 2018 Frontline Gaming. Shadowsun, conversely, is probably a bit less useful than she was – she’s a force multiplier and you’re going to have less stuff to amp up with her, though her old one-two punch of Mont’ka turn 1 to move the castle up and Kau’yon turn 2 to do damage is strong. At 1,040 points it’s more reasonably costed, but given its size and vulnerability and the fact that it only activatees once per Shooting phase it’s likely too expensive to build around and our incredibly silly nightmare of rampant 2-4 double-Ta’unar lists is now over. If it’s like 8th Stompa predictions we’re gonna have a good joke about this one too. As 9th edition goes on, we’re going to see lists evolve and change, so it’s certainly feasible that the Ghostkeel could make an appearance in some strong lists. Similar to Commanders, while Crisis suits went up 6 points per model for both the standard and bodyguard variants, but with little movement on their weapons, that gives them an increase that’s largely on-rate for 9th edition and keeps them reasonably costed. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Ghostkeel, and how to use it in the new edition. This is one of the most impactful single-unit changes across the entire range, as despite a wide variety of experimental builds being tried, 8th Edition Tau lists converged back to 30+ shield drones again and again, because Riptides or Broadsides backed up by these was just the ultimate trump card in any shooting match not involving pre-nerf Iron Hands. We hope you like Farsight Enclaves because they are going to be showing up a lot in these lists, and for good reason – the ability to take additional Commanders is very strong, and the ability to use Mont’ka to Fall Back and shoot is stupid good, particularly if you can do it twice per game with Farsight. Armies need to be aggressive about pushing out and while T’au gunlines and castles were never particularly a powerful way to play the army in 8th, they’re even less viable in 9th, where T’au players will have to rely on the army’s mobility to capture objectives and block enemy movement. Vehicles like Hammerheads and Sky Rays are also even better with their freedom to move and fire at full effectiveness. That helps a bit. The largest challenge for the T’au Empire in the new edition is the change to the Fly keyword. Of note are the the TX4 Piranhas, which went up 11 points per model, and the Tetra Scout Speeder from Forge World, which went up 10 points per model. I can’t recall but I would assume if I were you that they have an additional rule or ability that lets them function. . 5 turns gives slower armies less time to work with to capture objectives and make up points discrepancies, and combined with top-of-turn scoring puts the emphasis on units that can “flip” objectives – clearing and capturing them in the same turn. They’re still a bit brittle for their cost, but now you can’t as easily spam shield drones, more competitive with Riptides.

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