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Several of these charterings brought into being some of the strongest Charges in the Fraternity, but in the increasingly uncertain climate of those times, with anti-fraternity sentiment gaining strength on a number of campuses, a significant number went inactive. [5] In 1869, the first issue of The Shield was produced, qualifying it as the oldest fraternity magazine. Over the past fifteen years, Chi Delta Theta has expanded to include six other chapters and over 500 active sxsters all over California. The Great Depression and the Second World War saw a number of Charges go inactive and brought a halt to expansion. Although it lapsed after one issue, The Shield was revived in 1884 and has been published continually since then.[6]. Theta Chi has initiated more than 170,000 members and currently has more than 6,900 undergraduates across North America in 220 Active Chapters. Kappa at Tufts, founded in 1856, presently enjoys the honor of being the oldest active Charge in continuous existence. Following a brief closure, the Epsilon Charge returned to the active ranks in August 2004. Pennsylvania (1915) was the last Eastern Charge to become active before World War I, although 1904 and 1910 saw the reactivation of the Southern Charges, Epsilon and Nu. Our sisterhood continues to grow stronger with every year, from Davis to Long Beach. Together, our goals are to unite Asian clubs and organizations, to educate and enhance the learning of Asian culture, to encourage interaction between cultural fraternities and sororities, and to provide a support network for our members by developing a special bond of sisterhood, loyalty, and commitment. Theta Kappa Phi Sorority To promote friendship and service to the university and community and to further the scholastic achievements of its members. The Fort Lauderdale, FL and Greensboro, NC Charges marked a significant re-entry into the South.[8]. Yet the active Charge roll call remains in flux, as the fraternity has lost several Charges, young and old, since 2001; losing Omicron Triton at URI (2001), Nu Deuteron at Lehigh (2004), Delta Triton at Northeastern (2005), Eta Triton at Nova Southeastern (2005), Mu Deuteron at Amherst (2006), and Rho Triton at VCU (2009). Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our sisterhood. In the first Minute book of the Alpha charge, taken in 1848, the names Jesse D. Fonda and Theodore J. Fonda were listed alongside the other six founders. Finally, in April 2007, the Grand Lodge hosted the inaugural Preamble Institute [11] for its undergraduate leaders, ever hoping to improve the intellectual, moral and social being of its brotherhood. In 1867 anti-fraternity sentiment at Union led to the disbanding of the Alpha. Thanks for visiting! Expansion in the East during the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s brought Charges to Cornell, Boston University, Wabash, CCNY, Columbia, Lehigh, Amherst, Yale, MIT, Williams, and George Washington.

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