toyota aygo isofix points

The WIL concept seats are designed to cushion and support the occupant’s head and chest simultaneously, minimising the injury occurring from the head and torso moving in different directions. We’re looking into this for you and we’ll be in touch as soon as we hear from our product team! It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the car suits their needs before purchase. Therefore, ISOfix compatible seats can’t be installed and have to be installed using seat belts. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for your comment and your patience. You can find your nearest centre via this link:, This is helpful, thanks Toyota. Hi Thanks for getting in touch. Thank you for looking into my problem, it looks like it’s the manufacturer of the child seat, what I can’t understand is that it’s a well known make. Wir erklären Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie einen Isofix-Sitz in Ihr Fahrzeug einbauen. Thanks. Hope this answers your question, please let us know if we can assist further. We’ve checked our database and can confirm that your vehicle comes with ISOFIX fixings as standard. We’d advise contacting our Customer Relations team as they’re in the best position to assist. Best Cars With 3 Isofix Points Carwow Wenn eine ISOFIX-Befestigung über das Prädikat universal verfügt, dann schließt dies – neben den Befestigungsbügeln – eine von drei weiteren Befestigungsmöglichkeiten ein: Achten Sie beim Kauf Ihres Kindersitzes also darauf, dass die Ausstattung in Ihrem Gefährt universal zugelassen ist, sollte Ihr Sitz eine solche Ausstattung erfordern. Many thanks. We’ve checked our database and can confirm that your vehicle comes with ISO-FIX on the outer rear seats as standard. I can’t seem to find a car seat iso fix base that fits… any suggestions? Zum Schluss muss nur noch der Sitz ganz an die Lehne der Rückbank geschoben werden. They’ll check on another system and see if the vehicle has this feature available. Hi Anthony, Thank you for the reply. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is BG09WJA. Als maßgebende Orientierungshilfe dient hier die UDV aus Berlin. Thanks for getting in touch with us. We can confirm that the 2005 Corolla does have an isofix. Cheers. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for getting in touch. Hi Saj, Saying that, there are car seats available for that vehicle that do not require ISOFIX points. Yet they are also comfortable to wear in everyday driving, essential in encouraging occupants to use them on every trip. We couldn’t see it in the manual either! Now I bought Yaris YR61WHW and when I pull the seat belt all the why out and let it to go back in if I pulled it slowly out it still coming out and it seams to me it doesn’t lock I mean when I move it slowly as it’s locks with the harsh pull and that makes the car seat moving and I’m wondering is that model ment to be like that as I had Yaris 2005 and it was fine . In einigen Fahrzeugen bereitet die Kopfstütze hier Probleme. Thanks for getting in touch. I purchased a 2014 Hilux double cab and expected it to be fitted as standard so would be helpful if you are to offer this service also in future? Dave. You may be able to confirm this from your owners handbook or checking the printed tag on the rear seat beside the seat belt clips. Such den Isofix! Thanks. Thanks. As I dont seem to find the handbook to check. Thanks. Does the 2015 toyota hilux double cab have isofix points that I cant seem to find? Um den Kindersitz einfacher an den ISOFIX-Haltebügeln montieren zu können bieten die Hersteller diverse Einführhilfen und Kappen an. You can’t retrofit ISOfix mounting points, they have to be installed at the factory when the car is being built. Toyota Genuine Windscreens When driving your Toyota, you want to know that you can rely on your windscreen for excellent visibility and protection from the elements. Thanks for your post. Could you please check for me, please, if our Toyota Corolla 2004 FT53 AOF is suitable for isofix base car seat? Verso offers adjustable headrests which can be altered for height. WIL seats are fitted as standard to most Toyota models, including Yaris, Auris, Prius, RAV4 and Land Cruiser. Sorry we can’t be of more help on this occasion. Thanks for getting in touch. Many thanks for your patience. We’ve checked with our Technical Team and your Aygo is fitted with ISOFIX fixings. There are no plans at present to introduce a Retrofit service for fitting isofix, however we will pass your comments on to our accessories department. Hope this helps. Please can you tell me whether this car has an isofix? Your RAV4 is listed as having ISOFIX fittings on the rear outer seats. By doing so, the system contributes to safer driving, better tyre wear and greater fuel efficiency. Hi Csilla, Hi I have a Toyota 2004 plate will that support Isofix? Thanks in advance. Too bad that the Verso’s headrests are too low for tall people. We would recommend that you contact Toyota in your region to discuss this further. Hi Irina, Hope this helps. Um diese Frage zu beantworten, müssen Sie sich an ihre Werkstatt und den Hersteller wenden. The 1.0 litre VVT-i petrol engine is ultra-lightweight and compact. We’ve checked with our wider technical team, and your Auris has ISOFIX fixings on the outer rear seats only. However, your local motoring and car maintenance retailer, like Halfords, will be able to suggest a seat for your vehicle. I was wondering, could you tell me if a ’03 avensis strata has Isofix please? Thanks. Risse im Sitzbezug könnten zum Normalfall werden. Die stabile und permanente Verbindung zwischen ihrem Kindersitz und der Karosserie ist jetzt hergestellt. These provide a safe and convenient way of correctly securing ISOFIX child seats (available from your Toyota dealer). Hi there, Die Fahrzeugtypenliste sollte vor Ihrem Kauf eines Kindersitzes die absolute Pflichtlektüre sein! We’ve checked with our Technical Team and your Yaris does not have ISOFIX fixings. This is an issue we have taken up with our product team and at the moment we can only apologise for the omission in the current Hilux model. Wenn Sie die Bügel gefunden haben, müssen Sie nun am passenden Kindersitz die Zangen an der Unterseite des Sitzes so weit wie möglich herausziehen, damit die Rastarme am Ende der Zangen sichtbar sind. Thanks for getting in touch. Ferner wird der Sicherheitsaspekt durch exzellente Testergebnisse bestärkt. Neben der „normalen“ Anbringung eines Autokindersitzes mit einem Standard-Dreipunktgurt, gilt ISOFIX durch die weltweite Standardisierung weithin als das sicherste und am einfachsten zu handhabende Installationssystem.

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