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Hilfe-App Support kontaktieren stattdessen im Browser öffnen. Uber partners and passengers that are looking for ways to contact Uber may find this to be quite a challenging undertaking. Uber’s support team is not the type that makes you wait for hours on the phone while listening to repetitive music. You can always try a different approach, if the first one is not working. Please note that this line does not support Uber Eats related queries. Uber drivers can call Uber via the Uber Driver app, or … Note: this is NOT an Uber number. Maybe your question involves Uber rides to and from the airport, or opening an Uber account for your business. Never tried Uber before? Use this code – IANH62VUI  – and get $5 off your first ride. Tweet us @ubersupportuk or send us a message via Facebook or Facebook Messenger. Just find the category that matches your issue or just type in a keyword to search for a help page. The answers to these are all available in the app’s support center. You can find the local email address on your city’s partner website. Download Uber Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, Download Uber Eats Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, Tap 'Call Support' and you’ll be connected to a trained member of the team. Whether you need to report an issue with your ride, verify a payment problem or change your payment options, you can sort it out there. Get the help you need at the touch of a button across the UK. There is no Uber contact phone number (except the above mentioned Critical Safety Response Line), but here are other ways to contact the ride share company. If you have just requested a ride, you can tap the bar with your driver’s info at the bottom of the screen and select “Contact”. We’d love to help out if you have an issue. So if you’re trying to get an instant ‘human’ response to a non-emergency problem as a driver or passenger, there currently is no (you can’t call Uber, to speak with a human being on the phone, you would have to call a taxi) Uber customer service phone number. The information available will then be tailored to your personal account (if you log in), or to your chosen city. Here’s our list of all local Uber partner websites and e-mail addresses. I Drive with Uber show you how to Contact Uber: Support, Help, Customer Service, and More. The online Uber help section provides guides and information on a variety of topics, with dedicated sections for both riders and drivers. Of course, you can always contact us directly. One way to contact Uber is under the ‘Help’ section in your application, where you’ll find info and answers on various rider-related topics. These local partner sites feature a lot a valuable information, such as: Generally speaking, you’ll find information that is unique for a region or city, for example the requirement to display airport placards when entering airport premises in certain areas, etc. As you land on the Help Portal for Uber partners, you’ll find a list of popular topics, such as: The FAQs covered on the Help Portal are of a fairly universal and basic nature. To protect the privacy of drivers on our platform, we don’t feature drivers’ phone numbers directly, but the app will put you in contact. If you’re contacting your driver after a ride about a lost item, you can go to the “Your Trips” section, select the appropriate ride and select “I lost an item” to get in touch with them. Need to speak to us? Ride vouchers - cover the cost of customer rides Business travel - easy expensing and travel policies Courtesy rides - arrange transportation for others Work meals - food delivery by Uber Event travel - Uber rides to your event Help with an Uber for Business account Help joining an existing Uber for Business account So, if you have any burning questions about our service or need to resolve an issue, you know who to call. Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance! Yes, that’s correct, there really is no such thing as an Uber contact number. Write in through the ‘Help’ section of your app or contact us on help.uber.com/riders. To do this, just sign in to your account and select “Trip issues and refunds” in the help section (you can also report any other trip issues online from this page). I am attaching a conversation I had with a chat agent just to show exactly what she mentioned. Wir beobachten die Situation um das Coronavirus (COVID-19) sehr genau und treffen Maßnahmen für die Sicherheit unserer Community. Uber’s support team is not the type that makes you wait for hours on the phone while listening to repetitive music. Here are examples of some of the most popular Uber Partner Sites: Each city that the Uber service operates in has it’s own local Uber email address in addition to the main support@uber.com email address above. In case of an emergency, call 911 first and then the Critical Safety Response Line. That’s why we challenged ourselves to show you the best approaches to contact Uber effectively. Depending on the nature of your question or the urgency of your problem, one of the approaches is going to be more effective than the others. You can also get help via social media. If you want to discuss the details of a trip, a pickup location or a lost item, it’s easy to call your Uber driver using the Uber app. “We’re sorry. We use a variety of streamlined, user-friendly support features to make sure that riders can get the help they need, regardless of what the situation is. There now is a relatively new Live Chat available that allows you to chat with a representative from Uber customer service. Open the Uber partner app and click on “account”, Select “Help” at the top of your menu options. Please note: Uber has a Critical Safety Response Line in place. Diane C (Uber Chat Rep) - Live Chat is available for new applicants that need assistance in their application. Uber riders can call phone support 24/7, or write in to us via the Uber app or Twitter & Facebook. Depending on your specific inquiry, you’ll receive anything from a relatively generic Uber customer service response to an individualized response addressing your question in detail. Switch to new digital payment options for safer travel. These local partner sites have comprehensive information on how to use the Uber app for their partners (“Uber 101” ). Let’s start with that part of the Uber customer service you might be looking for, that you would typically assume exists, but doesn’t: Do you have a question or issue and would like to speak with a human being and call Uber? Remember, drivers may not answer their phones whilst driving, so you can always opt to send a text message for them to respond to instead.

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