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So when you’re looking for an impressive selection of devices from major brands like Apple, Samsung or LG, or the hottest smart tech from Google, Nest and more, Verizon is your go-to source to keep you in the know while on the go or at home doing the things you love to do. The Verizon Visa Card, exclusively offered to Verizon wireless customers, is the only credit card that is eligible for the Auto Pay discount on Verizon, so new Auto Pay enrollees can get the best pricing available on Verizon Unlimited plans. © 2020 Verizon. The credits are available for up to 24 consecutive months and up to $100, as long as your wireless and credit card accounts remain in good standing. And you still earn $10/month in redeemable credit. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the Early Access promotion in the event of fraud or abuse of the promotion. Starting today, we're giving qualifying customers early access to apply for the card with a chance to get up to $1,000 Verizon Dollars1 if approved. However, this post is not an official release and therefore not tracked. Fios customers must be enrolled in the Mobile + Home Rewards program to access the Verizon Up Rewards Center and to apply earned Verizon Dollars to the Verizon Fios bill. Customers can visit to see full eligibility rules and learn how to qualify to apply to become one of the first cardholders before the official launch on June 26. Register your My Verizon account today! More benefits for Visa Signature® card holders include: Visit The Verizon Visa Signature® Credit Card Guide to Benefits to learn more . I don't know if this is because I'm calling from a prepaid device, but this is the only phone I have and if the automated voice machines are trying to be too smart then I don't know what I'll do. Place an order online or on the My Verizon app and select the pickup option available. However, those credits, which were previously called Device Dollars, will automatically convert to Verizon Dollars (e.g., if you have $50 Device Dollars in your bank, those become $50 Verizon Dollars). We appreciate your interest in Verizon Wireless products and services, and we look forward to serving your wireless needs. Checking your credit is the first step in joining Verizon. To access the Verizon Up Rewards Center, you must have a smartphone on an active, standard monthly plan on a Verizon wireless account in good standing and have the My Verizon app downloaded on your smartphone. Synchrony is changing what’s possible through our digital capabilities, deep industry expertise, actionable data insights, frictionless customer experience and customized financing solutions. Password. New Auto Pay customers who enroll with the card can get the best pricing on Unlimited Verizon plans and new cardholders can get up to $100 in wireless bill credits over 24 consecutive months when they use their new Verizon Visa Card to pay their monthly Verizon bill. Register Forgot your info? Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) is a premier consumer financial services company delivering customized financing programs across key industries including retail, health, auto, travel and home, along with award-winning consumer banking products. Buy gas, shop at grocery stores, dine out and more, and earn Verizon Dollars1 to redeem toward Verizon purchases or to use toward your monthly Verizon wireless or Fios bill2. Get up to $10 off/month off each eligible account or line with Auto Pay, up to 10 lines max on select plans. No limits on how much you can earn, no expiration date. It'd also be handy to know how long these additional questions would take--so that I don't call when I don't have enough time if it's going to take a while. Am I eligible to apply for the Verizon Visa Card? 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile, Receiving your Verizon Visa Card and Accessibility, Earning & using Verizon Dollars and Verizon Up Rewards, Managing your Verizon Visa Card account & paying your bill, How to get help with your Verizon Visa Card and rewards, Buy gas, shop at grocery stores, dine out and more, and earn Verizon Dollars, Verizon Visa Credit Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, Visa Credit Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, The Verizon Visa Signature® Credit Card Guide to Benefits, Learn more about Auto Pay for your Fios bill, Learn what you can do with Verizon Dollars, add or change an Account Owner or Account Manager, By phone with a Customer Service representative, Visit our Verizon Visa Credit Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, Learn about Verizon wireless account roles and management. Device Dollars cannot be earned by a Verizon Visa Card holder. Visit our Auto Pay FAQs for more info. Some stores may be limited to curbside pickup only. Here’s a brief overview of the simple process for checking your credit requirements on Verizon so you know what to expect. At the top of the open box (the side farthest away from your body), locate the access hole or lift tab. The actual amount awarded to each Approved Participant and the total amount awarded will depend upon the number of Approved Participants. You will be able to select another form of payment on a per-transaction basis at the point of sale. Your Verizon Visa ® Card or Verizon Visa Signature ® Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. Make a one-time payment Business Sign in. Once on the Phone and Agreement page you can confirm and complete process and soon have Verizon as your wireless provider of choice. Get your order fast when you order online or through the My Verizon app. With a new way to save comes a new form of currency called Verizon Dollars. To access the Verizon Up Rewards Center, you must have a smartphone on an active, eligible, standard monthly plan on a Verizon wireless account in good standing and have the My Verizon app downloaded on your smartphone. If you owe Verizon Wireless money from a past delinquent account, you may be able to open a new traditional account if you pay off the amount you owe.

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