warrior cats allegiances template

But she learned to be patient and soon enough it worked out.

As she leads her clan through many ups and downs she has one simple goal, be the best leader. She had been a deputy for as little as almost two moons when StormStar died. If you have a mysterious cat, make them black. And Soulpaw failed to save her.

Have you ever met that cat with those menacing emerald eyes? As an apprentice she wasn't too much of a quick learner and she often found battle practice was the hardest thing ever for her. She's determined and will use that to protect her clan. If they’re all too short, readers have a hard time picturing the characters.

Backstory Palekit was born to his mother, Pouncepetal and his father, Juniperstream. If you need some inspiration, flip through a warriors book and take a peek at the allegiances. He loves patrolling and always volunteers to go out. generate. Just don’t do it for every cat because you’ll get a chance to show personality also during the story as well. Growing up, Talonstar was the runt of his family, though instead of being small in size he was small in voice and courage. She became her apprentice. Everyone must add this to their allegiances, and I am starting to add it to inactive users or users who've taken break. He knows when to fight and when to talk, when to keep silent and when to speak out. Have a variety. If you’ve ever wondered these kinds of questions, then this guide is for you! Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions! Duskwing is a black tom cat with very long feathery fur, his paws have long toe fluff and his fur has very soft raven like texture and colour, his deep green eyes seem to have a knowledge beyond his age. Her personality is cheery, but to cats that have offended her deeply, or hurt her clanmates on purpose, she is icy and unfriendly. When she became deputy she was still known as AmberGaze and she was very much eager but nervous all the same. Perhaps make 4 apprentices and 3 kits, and make one apprentice a Medicine cat one. Please note, name allegiances with your series name, (e.g.

Though he isn't one for showing emotion, the only time he does so is around his sister, Flywing, whom he loves fiercely and is extremely protective of. It annoys me, anyway. If you have a clan with 10 elders and 8 warriors, who is going to do the work? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. that leaves 22 cats remaining. Make your own Warrior Cat! 120+ moons is better. ... and since some cats live for almost 17 years or longer, that would mean that for more than half of their life they'd be useless.
This lithe young cat was selected to be deputy at a strikingly young age of about 16 moons. Remember the limitations of cats. Add a few quirks to your characters. Just don’t use those kind of names all the time, and don’t use completely bogus ones like Lionbee or Blacklightning.

Rosedust currently has no love interest and doubts she will ever love again, as her heart still belongs to Stonedust, the previous ShadowClan Medicine cat. Paledapple is a vocal advocate for peace and would go against the Warrior Code to secure it. cats, excluding kits. However, she prefers not to climb because she's not very good at it. What kind of pelt description? But overall she's more of a hunter than a fighter. In real-life, not every feral cat is a tabby. Her mother and beloved mentor passed away from green-cough within two days of each other when she was an apprentice. What are some cheerful colors that could be in a cats pelt? For most of his life he had only known rejection and disbelief, and at a young age he began doubting all of his actions and all the choices he made - fearing that they would be wrong and he would never prove himself worthy of respect. Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. https://warriorsfanfic.fandom.com/wiki/Blazey%27s_Guide_to_making_Allegiances?oldid=252986.

To have your cat added to this page, head to the Sign Up forum. When she was appointed Medicine Cat Apprentice she couldn't have been happier, she had to use every drop of control she had from squealing and bouncing like a little kit.

She changed her name to Shatteredpaw, and picked her warrior name as Shatteredsoul. Leafwind - Silver torbie she-cat Brightstone - chocolate tabby tom with bright eyes Ebonystep - sleek long hair black she-cat with light colored eyes Roosterstar- muscular dark ginger tabby with copper eyes Concepts or NPC;; Lionleaf- orange and white tabby she-cat previous med. If not, I guess you could just read this for fun. Just don’t do it for every cat because you’ll get a chance to show personality also during the story as well. 2 Favourites. Well, today I created a template called Clan Allegiances. Is ten warriors too little or too much? Meh. But how many queens, warriors, apprentices, kits and elders? This category contains all FanClan Allegiances (or Alliances) in which you can ask the creator to join and roleplay, or create your own and have other users join. Have a variety. I’d say keep a clan of between 20-25 cats. Featherflight- grey she-cat with blue eyes. Or, Timbertail- motherly white she-cat. Her pelt is made up of soft, medium-length white fur, with patches and splotches here and there of light grey fur. cat Finalspark - a calico she cat (timberfang's sister) Make up great names, great pelt combinations, etc. After being badly neglected by her mother, Shatteredsoul was formerly Soulpaw She hated her life, she was bullied by her littermates, she was injured at an early stage by a twoleg monster, so apprentice duties always hurt. He can be stern and stubborn also. And I also don’t think they have eyebrows. And he succeeded. Palekit didn't have a good relationship with with either of his parents. Patchberry - very small red-brown tom. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

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