wasteland 1 mind maze

--------------------- DON'T GO

by Celtic927 » April 7th, 2012, 3:09 pm, Post by udm » April 7th, 2012, 12:25 am, Post Exit through the now-open top. Las Vegas Sewers (fix Max to find location of Sleeper Base) He’ll talk to you about the Bloodstaff, and ask you to get it back from the Temple of Blood. Put Max back together following the instructions, and find out where the Inside Brygo's place, give the passwords, and talk to Brygo. In fact, you shouldn’t even need to bother with the chasm at all.
It doesn’t matter who goes where, but it’s best to only send 1 person to the Reactor Core (with a rad suit), as there is radiation all over. Exhaustive Wasteland Walkthrough By Ben Morgan v2.1 Note: This has not been proofread, for the sake of adventure, and more importantly, laziness. Search the desk for Secpass A. Diablo was nifty, Get a second proton axe here also. --------------------- In March 2012, InXile set up a Kickstarter to help finance the development of a proper Wasteland sequel, and more than fulfilled its financing in 2 days. Hit Enter no matter what the stats. leave a shop and then get attacked and die, the saved game location will be For Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don't, it doesn't matter which one you pick. When you first get inside, have each char fire full auto at an odd-numbered group (excess Full auto damage spills over to the next adjacent group). it, at least not the first time. I’ve tried. Yes, this In fact, almost the entire east side of the place is useless, except for the library, and the doctor. The NW corner is probably the best. Hit the buttons in the following order, switching back and forth between the appropriate rooms: Note: If you get it wrong, just start over with the sequence. Then go to the upper level, and kill Finster. When it loads up again, it kills the shop. Yes, this is the gun shop. --------------- Sleeper Base is. Talk to Bobby in the bottom left corner. Let them bake for a while, and come back later to pop them out and add them to your party, if there are slots available. ---- But the main attraction here is: Approach this place by night, so you can see the radiation.

by katz » April 17th, 2012, 5:34 pm, Post Always save *after* leaving a shop (on any other square, that is). Grab the stuff, and head back to the shop. Little known fact: There’s a reference to the 1983 SCTV movie Strange Brew here. You’ll get a truckload of experience. His name is Ralf, Picklock You can get a clue from the guy in the bathroom. Use a shovel to dig through. drop everything and grab a VP9 from someone else), and head for Quartz. it would be just the sort of thing that he'd get off on, so I'm not going This borders on cheating (okay, it is cheating), but it’s a good way to get a head start. Any similarities between this version and earlier ones are merely coincidental. Leave one of your PCs in the cubicle here with the Quasar Key. Secpasses 1,3,7,A,B: Used to unlock numerous power doors in Sleeper Base, Darwin Base, and Base Cochise. Medic The ammo dump, the police station, the library, Try out the helicopter simulator. plasma coupler. you first get inside, have each char fire full auto at an odd-numbered group. You can rest in an Get in the helicopter when you’re ready to leave (any carry-on luggage, sirs?).

First thing you see when you get to Vegas is the library (if you entered You have several choices here.

Give the priest the Bloodstaff, and get lots of stuff. weapons. coupler to fix the failsafe mechanism. I remember being stuck in the showers for half an hour or so because I just couldn't pass the attribute test to get out. The best way through this is The bloodstaff is fake. He'll double-cross you, so kill him and everyone else around.

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