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In 1911 the High Sheriff of Somerset, William Bucknell Broadmead, offered to finance the official registration of the originally adopted golden dragon arms. And indeed the word “wyvern” derived from Middle English “wyvere” from Latin, meaning viper, is more descriptive of the elongated windsock shape of these early standards. When the College of Arms formally awarded a dragon as a coat of arms. were created, before one was settled on that was considered most effective. As with any ancient symbol, the appearance of the dragon has been adapted and changed over the years, and hence several different variations exist. He received the support of David Heath, the MP for Somerton and Frome and Lady Elizabeth Gass the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset. Although obviously sprung from a common source, a clear distinction between the flag of the wider region of Wessex as a golden wyvern on a red background and the emblem of the county of Somerset as a red dragon on a gold (yellow) background had been drawn. It wasn’t until 1959 however, that it became officially recognised as the national flag of the country. The plan was for Ed to work with local organisations to secure support for registration of this traditional flag, a process that had been formerly successful in Westmorland, Cumberland and Cheshire. In 1906, the flag was designed by Sun Yat-sen to incorporate the red that is used today. This is the design that is still in use today. from the 1930s whose design anticipates that of the flag registered some eighty years later! Thanks also to Brady Ells for supplying a number of the images appearing in this account. The earliest Chinese flag was used in 1644 during the Qing dynasty. Worse yet this design includes script on the flag – one of the worst vexillographic offences imaginable! The flag is quartered per saltire yellow the top, red at the fly, green at the bottom, black at the hoist. The flag at left above, appears to combine the colours of the armorial banner in a form more reminiscent of the council’s modern logo, itself an adaptation, in various forms. In recent years the Somerset County Schools Football Association has also adopted a badge featuring the dragon from the county flag. As the national flag of Wales, the red dragon appears to have regained popularity in the early part of the twentieth century, when it was used for the 1911 Caernarfon Investiture of Edward, Prince of Wales. Confusion has persisted however. Basically while a (red) dragon is the obvious symbol to appear in such county badges, the mace should not be included – it refers to the council alone and its appearance elsewhere is inappropriate. She commented “I love the winning design. In 1922 the choice of the red dragon as a county symbol was referred to in “The Somerset Year Book”, produced by “The Somerset Folk Society” which included an article entitled ‘The Wessex Dragon’. The red dragon is virtually a graphic encapsulation of the county’s history, stretching back some two millennia to the era of the Roman invasion! It then appeared in a catalogue of stitching patterns. Ed created a website to promote the idea of a county flag and to remind people that Somerset was one whole entity irrespective of the council boundaries which ran across it. The answer to that particular question is lost in history and myth. Somerset is the place I call home. Heraldic historian CW Scott-Giles refers to Celtic writers’ descriptions of the dragon as “ruddy-gold” – a description that seems open to interpretation as either more gold or more red. One of the stars of the flag is larger than the other. These examples illustrate the imprecision of the colours – Wessex’s dragon is sometimes shown red and sometimes gold, rather reflecting the early description of the beast as “ruddy gold “and bearing out how in ancient times colours were not fixed – the emblem shown was more important than its colour! Thus a red shield with a gold dragon was unofficially adopted in 1906. to Somerset Council in 1911 it similarly opted for a red dragon, reportedly making reference to the tradition that King Arthur had a red dragon – an apparent acknowledgement of the original more “ruddy” colour of the Celtic emblem and Somerset’s claim to have been the centre of King Arthur’s realm; a recognition moreover, of the county’s ancient Celtic heritage. What does the flag of China look like? The background represents Communism, the government structure that is followed in China. The main color of the Chinese flag is red, with a red background dominating most of the flag. But why a dragon? In the norther region, a flag of five colors—red, blue, white, yellow and black—was flown. Blue flags concern the workplace and the employee’s perceptions of health and work. Additionally it is possible that the “rampant” stance of the dragon appearing on the arms of Somerset council, especially when depicted in its modern “logo” style, below left, makes it resemble a griffin, below right. This flag featured a blue background with a large white sun positioned directly in the center. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! by Sir Winston Churchill (direct ancestor of the famous twentieth century one), published in 1675. It is likely that in addition to emphasising the Celtic aspect of the county’s heritage the heralds of 1911 were also keen to keep the anciently attributed emblem of Wessex distinct. There could be no more meaningful emblem for the county. The group was presumably so named on the basis of a misapprehension that the badge used by the county cricket club featured a wyvern, although this is demonstrably not the case! With such a trenchant, dragon filled heritage, reflected in the many dracontine depictions located around the county. Indeed, this usage may well have been a direct inspiration for the council’s own depiction. In 1949, a design known as the “Five-star Red Flag” was adopted. Furthermore, in 1974, a flag based on all the historic accounts, bearing, distinctly, a gold wyvern on a red field. He stated at the time that “A lot of people are not happy about this post-Avon limbo and long for Somerset to be reunited.” Ed pointed out that the Somerset Council’s mace bearing dragon was popularly flown across the county. The mace is therefore a symbol of the council per se and quite inappropriate for inclusion on a flag intended to represent the county as an entity. Whilst there was no announcement on the number of voters or percentage of votes won, it seems that the red dragon’s evident popularity, which had been amply demonstrated by the support it had received on the Facebook page, engendered by its fundamental local heritage, made the design the inevitable and natural choice for the county flag. Shadowy figures such as Ambrosius Aurelianus and King Arthur (or perhaps Artorius), Romano-British warriors, would have maintained the familiar Roman military emblem. Several centuries later, as the Roman era was ending, resistance to Germanic invaders was organised by Romano Britons, likely on Roman lines. In the centre is a blue disk (possibly bordered in black) containing green plant stalks (presumably sugar cane) growing from yellow earth, flanked by two cutting implements with yellow blades and black handles. 5621230. This concluded that “The county of Somerset, having formed part of the Kingdom of Wessex, was fully entitled to display the arms of that principality.. (“principality” is used here in a figurative or poetic sense)… Somerset folk everywhere may regard themselves to-day as under the banner of the Dragon of Wessex, even as their forebears in the days of Alfred flocked to this Royal ensign.

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